Aircraft Consulting

J. A. Spears is hired by aircraft owners, operators, insurance companies, government agencies and financial institutions to provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Aircraft Appraisals: Our marketing team closely monitors global market trends to provide aircraft values used for investment strategies for our clientele.
  • Aircraft Travel Analysis: We conduct in-depth research of your companies’ travel requirements and mission profile, taking into consideration the monetary parameters in determining the most suitable aircraft to fit your mission. Our primary focus is on fulfilling your air travel needs both professionally and personally.
  • Aircraft Operation Analysis: We conduct a detailed aircraft cost analysis on an ongoing basis for our clients to ensure the maximum financial benefit is being derived from your aircraft investment tool. We incorporate all facets of the aircraft operating costs to establish your annual cost and expense budget.
  • Financing and Leasing Options: We have achieved preferred broker status for numerous financial institutions including GE Capital and Bank of America. We will assist in assessing the most beneficial tax structure for your aircraft investment and appropriate finance options.
    The bottom line: we provide the knowledge you need to make the most financially sound investment whether you choose leasing or ownership.
  • Aircraft Management: If you so choose, we can provide an unbiased opinion to help you to select a management company best suited to the needs of your particular aircraft. We look for those companies with an excellent track record and the highest level of maintenance and safety standards. We take into consideration the best utilization of ‘down time’, scrupulous keeping of logs and maintenance records, flight team experience and performance; and most importantly your satisfaction when travelling in your aircraft.
  • General Consulting Services: Our company provides ongoing consultation expertise including appraisals, evaluations, technical advice and feasibility studies to international corporations and Canadian Government affiliates.