Aircraft Acquisitions

J. A. Spears proudly maintains close relationships with the major aircraft manufacturers and we utilize our expertise in acting on your behalf when purchasing a new aircraft. We continue to provide this invaluable service to many of our clients, negotiating on their behalf to get the optimum price along with better terms and conditions of sale.

Part of the world class services we offer is a vast network of resources and industry tracking tools that provide you instantly with the most up to date status of availability, value and performance history of each and every aircraft in the world.

Consistent, sustained support to our clients provides valuable information with regard to competing aircraft. This knowledge empowers us to ensure that the price, whether buying or selling is established to bring the maximum value and return to our clients.

Our extensive industry knowledge and strong networking skills enable us to access aircraft that are not yet known about. We are able to secure highly sought after aircraft for our clients before they are exposed on the open market.

J.A. Spears is built on the integrity of relationships and trust we have earned with our clients, aircraft manufactures, aircraft brokers, and financial institutions and aircraft operators. The bottom line; the most accurate and timely information is available to our clients, enabling them to make focused decisions in a timely manner.